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Resin for Art

Nowadays, abstract paintings made of epoxy resin have become very popular. Why are they so attractive? First of all, this is the process of drawing, it is addictive, because there are many different materials that give many different effects when interacting with each other and watching these is a pleasure and you do not need to have an art education in order to draw like this. Each picture will be individual, since it is impossible to repeat exactly some work, it will always be something new and incredibly beautiful. These paintings look great in any interior.
The first thing to start with is the choice of resin for drawing, you can buy it in our store.

Liquid resin: ideal for the second / final coating of the painting, for leveling and casting into molds.

Medium liquid: resin is ideal for those who are just starting out, for creating abstract paintings, paintings, creating Cup holders or covering works created with acrylic and other materials, as well as for finishing fills.

Thick resin: created for more precise pattern formation, for example: sections of rocks, seas, most controllable.

I would like to add that everyone determines what kind of resin and what it is more suitable for, which one is comfortable to draw, so we advise you to purchase different viscosities and decide in the process.

Origin of the Resin Art style This art style was born in 2008. The name of the style hides the meaning of the technique used: layer-by-layer filling of the canvas with liquid epoxy of different colors and effects. The result is real masterpieces that not every "ordinary" artist can achieve. Even today, there are bizarre combinations of materials that amaze the "masters of technology". Do not limit your imagination and mix and match boldly. Everything new is born in experiments.

What are the basics of drawing? For work, it is better to take a smooth, even and hard surface, so that the resin is well grasped with the plane. It is unacceptable to use sloping canvases or materials that have recesses ordinary canvases on a stretcher are not suitable. The best material for such work is considered to be LMDF. We produce Art-boards made from it are tough, tolerate grinding and drilling. Due to the presence of an external laminated layer, they do not need preliminary preparation (priming the surface).

What materials are needed?
Transparent resin view for drawing;
Prepared colors, toners and pigment sets;
Material suitable for covering the entire surface of the work surface;
Paint tape and scissors to design the sides;
Plastic cups in which we will prepare the resin and palette;
Sticks for mixing paints;
Construction level (you can download the app on your phone) ;
Personal protective equipment;
Hair dryer for working with streaks and patterns.
Gas burner to remove air bubbles; (we recommend using a turbo lighter it is safer to work with it)
Fillers and color additives "to taste".

How to remove bubbles from the resin.To remove air bubbles from the resin, it is best to use a gas burner. The output temperature is enough to make the bubbles burst. Short-term exposure to open fire on a separate area that is covered with resin is enough to make the traces of air bubbles disappear.
The procedure is repeated a couple of times after covering the surface. It is recommended to repeat the cycle after 10 minutes to check the removal of all bubbles.
No! Construction and household hair dryers can not be used! The first gives too much heat, the second - "draws" on the surface. The burner works point-by-point. Only this mode gives results. (we recommend using a turbo lighter it is safer to work with it)

Drawing with epoxy resin a Person learns the world by touch, visually perceiving objects around them. Creating something with your own hands, the master gets aesthetic pleasure and pleasure from the process itself. Due to this, the popularity of the Resin Art technique (drawing and filling with epoxy resin) continues to grow. In this article, we have collected theoretical information that will help masters understand the basics of drawing with epoxy, understand the differences between dyes, and learn how to select art boards.

The color gives the dye. The most unexpected combinations are used to achieve various effects. When working with epoxy of various viscosities, masters use the following types of colored pigments:
Colors with an opaque structure. Their use allows you to get rich colors;
Transparent mass toners. Used where you need to create deep color immersion effects;
Pigments. With their help we learned how to create iridescences fancy effects on the borders of colors and layers;
Alcohol containing ink. They are responsible for unusual and fanciful color splashes.Pigments that are used for drawing with epoxy resins are popular due to the large palette of colors and effects.

By adding and mixing pigments together, you can create the following intricate compositions:
Individual parts of different sizes. This technique provides an intricate game of sparkle and sparks;
Crack effects, through which you can" skip " glints of glitter or luminous inserts;
Multi-layered images. This is achieved by experimenting with the concentration and location of the pigment in the total mass

How do I prepare the resin for use?
For the main component, viscosity and consistency play an important role. In a highly liquid epoxy, the dye will dissolve. In a viscous resin, the stains are small. When applied to the canvas, the resin should flow over the canvas "smoothly", without obvious force efforts on the part of the master. The prepared silicone mold is filled with epoxy resin of the desired viscosity. The formed bubbles are removed by a gas burner.
Do not be afraid that you can overdo the temperature. Maintain a short-term acute effects. Then everything will be all right.
Adding alcohol-containing ink to the epoxy, you will observe the magic of the birth of another masterpiece. Try applying light white tones on top of colored ink. They are heavier, so the colors will "sink" deep into the composition, revealing it in a new way.
You will only have to wait for complete solidification. The masterpiece is ready and can take its place in your gallery.

Important information for masters
Factory alcohol-containing inks are recommended for purchase, because they have a full-fledged composition with added additives for complete color fixation. We guarantee the quality of our products, as we cooperate only with trusted suppliers;
It is necessary to use personal protective equipment (glasses, gloves, respirator), because dyes may contain sharp odors, and the epoxy is difficult to clean;
It is better to cover the working space with cardboard, paper or film, so that accidental drops do not spoil the surface;
The desktop should be flat. The plane is checked using the construction level so that the applied resin does not spread out of control.If you have any questions, please contact our consultants by phone. Our managers will do everything to make your creativity elegant and boundless.

In our online store, you can easily find everything you need for drawing with epoxy resin. The product is divided into groups for easy search. Consultants always help with purchases. Call +7 925-562-94-40 to get an overview consultation.