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Art Board

Before creating any painting in the Resin Art technique, it is necessary to choose the right art Board (substrate) for the epoxy resin, so that the finished composition will last as long as possible. There are quite a lot of different substrates for drawing with epoxy resin on the modern market, so let's choose together.
Art boards come in different shapes and sizes. With a laminated or polished surface. The most common materials from which they are made: lmdf, MDF, HDF, chipboard, plywood.
How do they differ from each other?Chipboard and chipboard are the cheapest materials, because shavings and sawdust are used in their production. The products are fragile, easy to break, and the lamination at the edges crumbles. Such an art Board in limbo, under the weight of the picture, will not live long.
MDF and HDF art boards are used only with frames on the edges, to give strength.

The best material for such work is considered to be LMDF. Art boards made of it are hard, well tolerate grinding and drilling. Due to the presence of an external laminated layer, they do not need preliminary preparation (priming the surface). All our boards are made of this material.
Plywood should be chosen by those who want to achieve a natural wooden texture.

Artboard with or without lamination? Drawing resin on a rough surface (a substrate without lamination) will cause bubbles to appear. During the solidification process, the resin will draw out the air of their base, and the work will be spoiled. There are two ways out: buy a laminated art Board, spend money on a primer for the basis of a future picture.
Priming an art Board
You can "strengthen" the base with a special primer, acrylic or epoxy. First you need to seal the back of the tape. Around the perimeter. To evenly distribute the soil mixture, you can use a roller or brush. You can start working after the substrate is completely dry.

Installation of an art Board on the wall Art boards are easy to hang. To hang a flat art Board, you can use wall fasteners, picture fasteners, and hooks. When choosing a mount, pay attention to the maximum permissible weight. Paintings made of epoxy are heavy.