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Alcohol ink

Alcohol ink
You don't need to be able to draw to create an abstract picture. There is alcohol ink for this. The technique of working with them is very simple. Even a beginner can create an unusual item that will emphasize the uniqueness of the interior, a room decoration or a gift, a fancy collage. Alcohol-containing inks are highly concentrated dyes that are made on the basis of alcohol solvents. Alcohol is eroded when used. Beautiful alcohol stains remain.

Today, a large number of master classes and trainings on alcoholic ink have been created.

For work with smooth coatings, only professional inks are required (not homemade!), which have rich colors and are protected from abrasion. Using professional ink will help you keep your work intact for longer.

Diluents are used to create a beautiful color transition and add pigments that create a pop-up effect.

Mechanically, you can implement two options:
Use a diluent. It contains fixing resins, so you do not need to cover the finished image with varnish. This treatment significantly increases the service life of each painting;

Use isopropyl alcohol. Also a working version that has the right to exist. One caveat: the liquid has a sharp smell! It is worth noting that after making the picture, additional surface protection

will be required. you can use alcohol-Containing ink to draw on any non-porous surface: ceramics, glass, plastic.
This is the meaning of working mechanics: the paint is not absorbed into the surface. It stays outside. The diluent evaporates in the air. The drawing is being fixed. If you decide to work in the Petri Art technique, then in addition to epoxy resin, you will need a silicone mold.
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Draw pictures with alcohol ink
The first option is used to create delicate drawings
It is necessary to prepare plastic cups.
The number of containers is taken based on the number of colors.
Pour into each diluent. Add ink until the liquid reaches the desired concentration.
Pour on the base smoothly
Tools for even distribution of paint on the surface of the product can not be used.
In this case, you can only use a hair dryer.
For the intensity of the colors and stains you can add a second or third layer.

The second option is used to create rich drawings
Spray or manually apply a certain amount of diluent to the base of the painting.
Apply ink on top. Use a hair dryer (choose the slowest mode) to disperse the paint.
The slower the air flow, the neater the streaks.
The intensity of each color used is regulated by a diluent.

Petri Art. Invention Josie Lewis the artist experimented with epoxy dyes during her work.
So" was born "technique, which was called "Petrified Rainbow".
Let's look at some of its features and nuances.

How do I prepare the resin for use?
For the main component, viscosity and consistency play an important role. In a highly liquid epoxy, the dye will dissolve. In a viscous resin, the stains are small. When applied to the canvas, the resin should flow over the canvas "smoothly", without obvious force efforts on the part of the master. The prepared silicone mold is filled with epoxy resin of the desired viscosity. The formed bubbles are removed by a gas burner.
Do not be afraid that you can overdo the temperature. Maintain a short-term acute effects. Then everything will be all right.
Adding alcohol-containing ink to the epoxy, you will observe the magic of the birth of another masterpiece. Try applying light white tones on top of colored ink. They are heavier, so the colors will "sink" deep into the composition, revealing it in a new way.
You will only have to wait for complete solidification. The masterpiece is ready and can take its place in your gallery.

Important information for masters
Factory alcohol-containing inks are recommended for purchase, because they have a full-fledged composition with added additives for complete color fixation. We guarantee the quality of our products, as we cooperate only with trusted suppliers;
It is necessary to use personal protective equipment (glasses, gloves, respirator), because dyes may contain sharp odors, and the epoxy is difficult to clean;
It is better to cover the working space with cardboard, paper or film, so that accidental drops do not spoil the surface;
The desktop should be flat. The plane is checked using the construction level so that the applied resin does not spread out of control.If you have any questions, please ask our consultants on