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Молд №37 палитра визажиста (14 см)

Dimensions: Length 14 cm on the larger side. Hole diameter 2 cm The height of the casting is 10 mm
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article number20380367
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Length 14 cm on the larger side.
Hole diameter 2 cm
The height of the casting is 10 mm

Recommendations for use:
1. store Silicone molds in zip - bags (a regular cellophane bag or food wrap is also suitable), so that dust and small specks do not stick to them.
2. never use metal tools to remove the product from the mold.
3. Store molds so that they do not deform. To avoid deformation of the mold, store it on a solid substrate (for example, on a cutting Board, which is just as convenient to use as a portable tablet when the mold is filled in and the drying process is underway).
Keep away from metal and other objects that may damage the surface of the silicone mold, at room temperature, in places where there is no access to sunlight.
4. Never place the silicone mold on a heating element and do not hold the torch in one place.
5. Never clean with abrasive means.
6. before use, it is recommended to wash the mold with warm soapy water or any neutral detergents, without using hard and scratchy fabrics. Dry thoroughly before working directly with the resin. You can dry it upside down so that the dust does not accumulate at the bottom of the mold or in a suspended form (you can also wipe it dry with soft paper napkins).
7. To clean the dust from the surface, you can use masking tape.
For perfect gloss and product protection, we recommend that the finished product is covered with a protective layer of Protect Resin.
8. To avoid sticking of the finished product to the surface of the mold when pouring the resin, we recommend you to remove the finished product no later than 11 o'clock

9.We do our best to mold come to You without any damage, but if there was micro scratches or any minor flaws, do not worry, it can always be corrected using a finishing protective layer of Resin Protect

Designed by @natalyaturevich918

To avoid sticking the finished product to the mold surface when pouring resin, we recommend removing the finished product no later than 11 hours

article number20380367

Молд №37 палитра визажиста (14 см) reviews

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